About myself

Hello and welcome to iberia-nature!

As I discovered during an excursion the stork colony of San Roque it was all over with me. Just a joy to watch these beautiful expressional birds and their elegant way of flying. Until that very moment I hardly had done more than a few snapshots during holidays. This I also did at San Roque, but, what shock, the storks hardly were to be recognized on these pictures. And also blurred photos too! To improve these first bad results I didn't have another choice but to deal with photography and the associated technique. Actually technique is not at all my thing, but for a nice stork image someone likes to jump over his own shade!

And so I made my first steps into digital photography. But much more important: my heart was widely opened to anything which creeps and flies. Nature is so exciting!

With this web page I would like to share my numerous experiences let it be about the homey biotope or the excursions to the numerous bird observation places in Andalusia with other like-minded. Surely there is something for each nature lover in it. Enjoy!

Who has some question or would like to give a feedback, you can contact me here:


Very important for me is to say THANK YOU, because without the help of some good friends, there neither would be my photos nor this web page!


Many many photos accumulated on my hard disks. What a pity, I thought, but to create an own homepage I did not trust my lack in technical judgment.

This I told my friend Sabine from Germany in an e-mail. She was immediately on fire and let her creatively fantasy take its course and she created affectionately and in often definitely difficult detailed work the layout of this pages. For days the structure, colors and lettering was tried and handmade programmed, as long as she smiled satisfied and said:"That´s it!"

That was also my feeling!

The 'icing on the cake' was the photo album that she created to answer our purposes and built into the pages. Like the children we drooled over as the first texts and images were loaded on the server! Unbelievable, Sabine had done, what I couldn´t imagine beyond my wildest dreams.

What a pity, we both thought, that these pages will be only in German language.

This also my very animal loving friend Brit in Germany thought and offered spontaneously to translate the pages into English language. And in fact, from this time on Brit translated all this numerous articles which were sent to her by e-mail. Most likely she was busy day and night! When I called her, often the answer was: "I have no time, I am translating!" She translated quicker than I could write the original text. And her husband Alex was proof reading and besides of that got interested in frogs!

And Daniela! Without Daniela half the bird photos would not exist, because on our excursions she is always looking with the binoculars enthusiastically for our feathered friends and nice scenes which happen in the nature. "Birgit, look over there!" or "quickly, quickly there a stork is doing somersaults in the air!" I can hear her calling! Well in favor to my passion to make photos Daniela even overpowered her disgust for the smells at the garbage dump of Los Barrios. First she turned up her little nose slightly disgusted there, but as she recognized what an unbelievable number of birds there can be observed nowadays even our picnic basket we are taking along with us, will be emptied tight at a place beside the garbage dump, when we feel hungry!

And Thur from the beautiful East in Germany! A real bird- and nature expert from early childhood. I think he does not only recognize each and every bird's feather, but also each and every petal and plant leaf and anything what is moving there around. How often he helped me to classify and also in future he will have an eye on this pages in case I am talking nonsense and make grave classifying mistakes!

Without all this dear friends these pages never would have come into being! It had been and is a harmonious transnational teamwork, where everybody completely enthusiastically got himself involved and we have lots of fun!

Gracias queridos amigos!!! You are just ingenious and I am so happy to have such good friends!

Thank you and a great big hug for each of you!