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More photos of the Scarlet Dragonfly .

enjoying a sunbath at the edge of the pond:

Close-up image:

Scarlet Dragonfly flying over the pond:

And finally the male Dragonfly found the lady of his heart:

Marvelous is the scenery, when the Western Demoiselle (Calopteryx xanthostoma) arrives. Somehow you get the feeling as if a mini helicopter is flying over the pond:

A female Western Demoiselle

at oviposition:

A Common Winter Damsel (Sympecma fusca)

taking sunbath:

The imagos are living compared with all other dragonfly species

longer as a flying insect than a larva:

Thanks for posing so patiently!

None of these beauties I could admire before the biotope was built in my garden. It is just terrific to watch, who is coming attracted by a little bit of water!

July 2009


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