General assembly of Waders

November 08 2015

Dear reader!

The true story is, that whole Spain was looking the motorcycle race around the world champignonship. Great! True is also, that we caught just the time of the just starting ebb and the birds arrived excited from their resting places, because they suspected, that they were able fo forage very soon. And true is also that I was able to crawl closer on all four legs through a sand filled with chiggers. But my version of this true story loo0ks like that:

Bar-tailed godwits …

... Sanderlings ...

…Grey plovers and also ….

... Whimbrel and Turnstones were in a hurry, because ...

… shortly before the start of the ebb they wanted to gather for the general assembly., to …

…. discuss some important matters …

… in peace:

All members of this general assembly took their seats and …

… first of all looked most important:

But, yikes! …. with the still arriving waves they decided to …

… move the meeting place a few meters:

Also the Whimbrels hurried not to miss one point of the agenda:

It was about beak length and ….

… each presented himself as well as he could:

The slightly bended up beak of the Bar-tailed godwit, the bent down long beak of the Whimbrel, the short strong beak od the Grey plovers and …

the sweet small beaks of the Sanderlings - all were present:

The Gray plovers secluded themselves from society:

The election of the chairman didn't bother them any more, because …

… they just wanted to go foraging:

And the Sanderlings felt so bored, that some fell asleep:

"Good, that these Waders didn't recognize, that the first rock became free already and I'll catch the first fish!" the Kingfisher giggled, whom we really hadn't expected at the tidal flats!

What an absolutely terrific, beautiful day found its end!!!

Best regards

Birgit Kremer

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