Stilts drive off a Fox

October 07 2016

Dear reader!

There are some good reasons which could disturbe the idyll at the Guadalhorce-mouth.

The Stilts are the first who alarm with their wings and loud warning calls the rest of the Birds world!

This time it's a male Marsh harrier who frightens a flock of Starlings:

Or the Osprey - in the background on a post - just overflew the lagoon and caused an excitement:

But the shrieks of the Stilts didn't find an end, when the Fox appeared:

And, instead, like all the others did, to get into safety, they flew raging attacks agaist him and…

… stood up to him bravely:

"Well, than I try to get the Grey heron!" the Fox was thinking:

But he fled terrified, while …

… the Stilts continued to clamour and finally drove off the Fox:

Best regards

Birgit Kremer

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