Griffon Vulture Gyps fulvus ring number F0F
March 23 2011

Here is the biography of this young Griffon Vulture:

Ring number: F0F - ESI1107418

Gyps fulvus

Gender: unknown

Banded as nestling om June 10 2009

Place of banding: Charco Redondo (Cádiz)

Group of people who did the banding: Manuel Lobón

Sighting: March 19 2011 - garbage dump of Los Barrios (Provinz Cádiz)

My sighting is the only one so far posted in the database of EBD.

Here the photo from the young Griffon Vulture which I made on March 19 2011 at the garbage dump of Los Barrios

The garbage dump of Los Barrios is quite close to the place of birth of F0G. Now the question is, if this young Griffon Vultures spend their first years in life at the garbage dump instead of flying to Africa? Or are they doing both and just fly to and fro between the continents? Questions upon questions !

Birgit Kremer

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