White Stork ring number P|6S
March 22 2011

Here the biography of this White Stork

P|6S - ESIG17186

Ciconia ciconia

Gender: unknown

Banded as nestling on May 27 1989

Place of banding: San Roque

Group of people who did the banding: EBD 888888

Sighting: March 19 2011 - garbage dump of Los Barrios (Provinz Cádiz)

P|6S is at his age of 22 years until now the oldest banded bird I have seen:

During the years his ring number was frequently sighted. Always near the surrounding of his place of birth San Roque and the garbage dump of Los Barrios, means in he month from March to September. No sighting during the winter months in San Roque was reported, what means, that this stork might not spend the winter in the Stork colony of San Roque. Is he migrating to Africa? A sighting from October 22 2004 in the marsh areas of Cádiz speaks against.

P|6S is a fantastic sample for the chances for survival of White Storks in the Stork colony of San Roque despite all the dangerous overhead power cables. I saw myself how skilled these birds are moving between all these lines, that sometimes your heartbeat increases. But an accident at these lines I only saw once within the last six years. Of course might the estimated number of unknown accident cases be higher, mainly concerning young birds.

And after his ring number frequently is reported from the garbage dump of Los Barrios it is to be assumed, that he regularely is feeding there. Since 22 years!!!

Birgit Kremer

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