European Bee-eater (Merops apiaster)

The colorful bee-eaters either hunt for their prey from their raised hide or also during their gliding-flight:

On this flight silhouette you can see the lengthened central tail feathers. These are shorter when the birds are younger:

Also this bee-eater is an adult one, as you can recognize from the dark upper head. When the birds are young birds this would be more greenish.

Always on watch for an insect which is passing:

Intently the bee-eater is looking in all directions and

seems to have discovered something:

What would be a summer in southern Spain like

without these beautiful colorful feathered friends with their unique guttural calls?

Like their close relatives, the kingfishers, also the male bee-eater is winning

the heart of his chosen female

with exquisite presents!

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