Woodchat Shrike (Lanius senator)

Although it is still to be seen, the woodchat shrike is in the meantime on the list of endangered bird species.

From his raised hide

he is on the look-out intently for

a catch, like insects or even small birds:

All the so far shown woodchat shrikes had been adult animals. Here is now a young bird:

Well, the most important job of cleaning the plumage he is already managing best:

And also hunting, because he catches an insect quick as lightning and

kills it against the fence:

Here he looks like he is deeply proud of himself, doesn´t he?!

In summer 2009 ...

... we met these cute little guys ...

... at several places and ...

... they had been very little shy!

21.8.2010 - La Janda:

21.8.2010 - La Janda:

9.4.2011 - La Janda:

4.5.2015 Guadalquivir

4.5.2015 Guadalquivir

4.5.2015 Guadalquivir

4.5.2015 Guadalquivir

Birgit Kremer

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