Flocks of birds at the garbage dump of Los Barrios (Cádiz))
March 02 2011

Dear reader,

On Wednesday again I went to the dump, because I wanted to find out if the huge flocks of Black Kites, which we saw two days before, are still remaining there. But there were far less. I guess about 200 Black Kites, the others most likely had continued on their ways. However there was lots of action on the dump. Mainly the flocks of Griffon Vultures enthralled. There's just one snag, because during the week there is a constant coming and going of garbage trucks and these raised so much dust, that I looked like a piglet after a few minutes.

But I took my time and stayed there for a few hours, because the joy to see these many birds was much higher than the inconvenience of dust and dirt:

Uncountable numbers of Spotless Starlings were sitting on the electric lines:

And a group of Cattle Egrets curiously watched the goings at the dump:

In far distance a huge flock of Griffon Vultures and in the picture on the left side a Monk Vulture:

In which National Park you could see so many

Griffon Vultures?

And when they pass in majestic flight that close, all the dirt and smell are forgotten! At least in my case

The Cork Oak just left at the edge of the way was again a resting place for numerous Black Kites:

This here had caught something eatable and

ate very skilfull during flight:

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