Black Kites


Bird migration: Black Kite (Milvus migrans)

Dear reader,

as reported already at another place the garbage dump of Los Barrios is a popular resting place for thousands of black kites on their migration to Africa or in spring time on the way home to their breeding areas.

Their racy flight...,

...their dive and …

…their mobility ...

…fascinates us all over again and again.

Despite they fly in the disposal site sometimes …

… just above our heads …

… mostly also the best exposure time is not enough …

... to catch their agile flight.

I anyhow tried for a thousand times!

All the time the kites are on the look-out for carrion:

The prey is caught with the feet and put into the beak during the flight:

And sometimes, if you are lucky, than you can see even from a small hill how the kites are circling beneath:

Birgit Kremer

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