Bird migration: Bee-eaters on their migration to the South resting at the homey biotope

August 17 2012

Dear reader,

Already since a few weeks I could hear overflying flocks of Bee-eaters on their way to Africa. Today morning their calls came from very near. They must have been flying above the garden and that not too high up. And that was it:

Even more, because they decided to take a half hour break in the leaf trees, where I

could see one or the other at a real treat!

Again and again they were dashing out of the trees to catch an insect:

And then the dream already was over again, becauise the flock of about 40 Bee-eaters gathered again and were departing in south-western direction, meant the Strait of Gibraltar:

They brought me a wonderful half hour!

Birgit Kremer

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