Monk parakeets - Guadalhorce-mouth near Málaga
November 6 2009

Well, we did not trust our own eyes, because

if you look closely, the seeds and stems of the plants

were eaten by dozens and dozens of . Up to the beach:

"Well, this bush we harvested, we are going to fly to

the next bush and

. enjoy our meal!"


with their meal

I was completely ignored by the parakeets and

allowed me even to photograph them from quite close:

"This blade is just toooo delicious

and I rather help myself with my claws!"

But at some point the monk parakeets must have realized a danger and

quickly flew to the savety of their nest in the trees to the neighboring village:

27.11.2009 - Guadalhorce

27.11.2009 - Guadalhorce

          The End
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