Rose ringed parakeet (Psittacula Krameri)

Exotic visitor at the homey biotope!

July 9 2010

Hello dear reader!

Since a few days I repeatedly saw, that a couple of rose ringed parakeets overflew the homey biotope. Already since years I frequently saw them in the near surrounding. But it seems not to be a bigger colony, therefore they show up too seldom.

The sun flower field just behind the pond seems magically to draw their attention and yesterday the female was landing there:

Carefully and step by step she came closer. The female looked at me, but ...

... felt not disturbed having dinner there, what she obviously liked:

The missing ring around the neck says it's a female. Could it also be a young bird?

Very coquettish the rose ringed parakeet posed:

Isn't that a beauty? These eyes! And the strong legs! I was very much enthralled about this exotic visitor in the homey biotope!

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