San Roque
und Müllhalde


Stork colony of San Roque and garbage dump Los Barrios
April 3 2010

Dear reader!

At the stork colony of San Roque there is this ceremonial breeding quietness:

Also the young stork couple from the freight yard succeeded to finish their nest and are now intensively breeding:

The partner is in the meantime looking for food on the meadows:

It is so nice there because again and again the sound of the calls from the bee eaters returned from Africa are to be heard:

Lively bustle also at the garbage dump of Los Barrios:

"Well, now I shall ...

... perform a perfect landing!" But the yellow legged gull overshoots again and ...

... nearly landed on 4-9J, who just dashed from the stork colony to the MacGarbage: :

"What??? You are also here??? You know exactly that I cannot stand you!"

"Get lost! I tell you amicably and if you don't understand that, then ...

... I shall snarl at you!"

The aggressive stork is celebrating his victory:

But finally all storks agree to spend an afternoon in harmony at MacGarbage:

Well, and now I say bye bye for a few days, because I shall drive to the Mecca of birders, to Cañada de los Pájaros, Dehesa de Abajo and let's see, what else we shall experience! Hooray!

Happy Easter-greetings from sunny Andalusia

Birgit Kremer

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