Stork colony of
San Roque
March 13 2010


Stork colony of San Roque
March 13 2010

Dear reader!

Today we had been, amongst others, at the stork colony of San Roque. Marvelous how the water is overflowing all meadows:

Bonnie announces in love to her Clyde that breeding is working perfectly:

The tenderly familiar gestures of this crooks couple

are always so nicely to be seen. Not all the storks in the colony are as expressive as these two:

Little Inge takes a break from breeding, because she loves to model:

"Model? The top model that is ME!"

Miss Kestrel really permitted to be passed by with the car and to turn to get out of the back light. At the same time she did not stop watching us

but calmly continued posing quite coquettish:

"Enough photos for today! I have to concentrate on uncareful mice!"

And only when we started to drive away also Miss Kestrel flew off. It was so nice to be at the storks again and Miss Kestrel of course was also just terrific!

Best regards from Andalusia!

Birgit Kremer

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