White Stork ring number 7H38
November 30 2010

Here is the personal history of this White Stork:


Ciconia ciconia

Gender: unknown

Banded: 29.5.2000 by Juan Carlos Atienza

Place of banding: Close to Soto del Real (Province of Madrid)

Group of people who did the banding: not specified


18.1.2003 - Garbage dump of Medina Sidonia (province de Cádiz) - Helmut Eggers

29.1.2006 - Garbage dump of Colmenar Viejo (province de Madrid) - José Antonio Matesanz

12. y 19.12.2009 - Garbage dump of Los Barrios (province de Cádiz) - José Manuel Arnal

28.11.2010 - Garbage dump of Los Barrios (province Cádiz)

This White Stork, which was born north of Madrid, I discovered November 28 2010 at the garbage dump of Los Barrios (Province Cárdiz). More then 10 year old right now he seems to know all the garbage dumps of Spain:

Birgit Kremer

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