White Stork with ring number AE 314 DER
December 08 2010

Here is the personal history of this White Stork:

White Stork with ring number AE 314 DER

Ciconia ciconia

Gender: unknown

Banded: June 20 2010 as non fledged chick

Place of banding: Langenbrücken, Nordbaden (Karlsruhe) Germany

Who did the banding: Helmut Stein, Edingen-Neckarshausen

Sighting:November 28 2010 - Garbage dump of Los Barrios (Provinz Cádiz)

Well, now I received from the Vogelwarte Radolfzell also the personal history of this young German White Stork!

According to the datasheet this young White Stork travelled 1.848 kilometers between the place of his birth at Langenbrücken and the place of sighting at the garbage dump of Los Barrios. Direction 218°, past time from the banding 161 days.

It is just fantastic how this young White Stork is struggle through life all by itself! Furthermore good flight for AE 314 DER and good luck for your stork life!!!

Birgit Kremer

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