White Stork with ring number C3A7
November 30 2010

Here is the personal history of this White Stork:

C3A7 - ES19030364

Ciconia ciconia


Banded: June 9 2002

Place of banding: Close to Chiclana

Group of peoples who did the banding: EBD-HIS

Sighting: November 28 2010 - garbage dump of Los Barrios (Province Cádis)

This Andalusian White Stork I am already watching since a couple of years at the Stork Colony of San Roque, about 5 kilometers beeline away from the garbage dump of Los Barrios, where he is breeding successfully beside the railway tracks. This photo was taken on April 29 2006:

And here with his offspring on May 12 2006:

C3A7 I frequently saw at the garbage dump of Los Barrios. Last November 28 2010:

Considering that the place of birth of C3A7 - Chiclana - is only about 80 kilometers by land away from San Roque and that I saw this Stork often at the garbage dump of Los Barrios the assumption is suggested, that C3A7 didn't see much of this world jet! But maybe I am wrong and he spent his youth in Africa. And if not he is an Ansdalusian all through!

Birgit Kremer

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