Hoopoe (Upupa epops)

4.8.2014 - Río Grande:

4.8.2014 - Río Grande:

4.8.2014 - Río Grande:

Of course we also discover during our excursions sometimes a hoopoe, who

either betrayes itself by the eye-catching beautiful pattern of its wings during flight or by its characteristic calls. Seeing him in the countryside he is showing himself very shy.

The more I was surprised when I discovered this hoopoe on the way to the Supermarket in a roundabout, sitting there totally calm:

And he neither was sick nor had he a broken wing! He just felt grubby that´s why he took an extensive bath in the dry flower bed of the roundabout!

"Simply wonderful such a

whole-body peeling!":

Immaculate clean Mr. Hoopoe now went happily on his way, to

look for a decent breakfast:

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