White Stork with ring number 1|00
March 23 2011

Here the biography of this White Stork

1|00 - ESI9043622

Ciconia ciconia

Gender: unknown

Banded as nestling on: May 29 2005

Place of banding: La Herrería (Cádiz)

Group of people who banded: G.A. Cigue

Sigthing: March 19 2011 - garbage dump of Los Barrios (Provinz Cádiz)

1|00, whom we see on my photo from the garbage dump at Los Barrios, has a nest located on a Finca, not far away from the highway to Jerez de la Frontera:

Also this White Stork seems to be for feeding frequently at the garbage dump where he was frequently sighted and reported.

Birgit Kremer

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