Stork colony


One year about the life of the stork colony at San Roque

"Now I have to perk up myself that each feather is sitting perfectly!" feather care is very important for storks and takes lots of time, because it's essential for survival.

"No, no! That´s not called shi…. In our society, but vermin!" - We dispose feces and urine at the same time. The white color is explained on one hand from high lime food and on the other because of the urid acid in the urine. Indigestible, like rest of bones or similar the storks excrete by pellets.

Representative for all colony storks we named one couple Bonnie and Clyde, because nothing - except flying - means more fun for storks but steeling nesting material from neighbors nest. And to watch what pleasure it gives to them when they were successful … too funny!

Clyde returns to its beloved Bonnie to the nest and …

… both cheerful celebrate their reunion:

Also from the neighbor nests happy clattering is to be heard:

"We just met on the meadow and we soon also will start a family!" these two newly lovers announce!

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