The first hours in the life of a stilt chick
June 23 2010

The following scenes we were able to watch from the observation hut at the Guadalhorce-mouth. Because of the distance and the air turbulences the shots are not very good, but they show what we experienced. And this was just cute and beautiful!

Mum stilt is restless and again and again has an eye on the inside of her nest. Something is going on in one egg!

And really! A few minutes later we also saw for the first time the just hatched chick which is welcomed by a loving mother as first contacts in this world:

And already after three quarters of an hour the mother starts to entice it away from the nest:

Although it is still very weak on its legs, stumbles and falls down, it bravely tries to follow its mother. Dad little ringed plover, who just brought away the egg shells of his own just hatched chick, is curiously watching the scene:

"Come on, deary! You were born for fleeing the nest and are not allowed to go back to the nest!" With lots of patience the mother again and again convinces the little one to follow her. Several times she also is spreading her wings, that the chick can hide under. In the foreground there is also the thumbnail sized offspring of family little ringed glover at its mother in the nest to be seen

"Well done, my darling! Look now you already can walk without falling! And the water, where you can find food is also not far away anymore!":

The proud dad comes running and is taking contact to his chick:

Shortly after mother and daughter are alone again, but only because

daddy got a big surprise for his chick. Quickly he allowed the three before born siblings to come out of their safe hiding. And the three come running to curiously greet their new sibling in the presence of their parents.

The family now is complete. Only one and a half hour before hatching out of the egg

now also the smallest chick is guided together with its siblings from their parents to the water, where the small ones immediately independently are looking for food:

I just cannot explain how touching and exciting these scenes were! The caring of the parents this tiny little chick which first moved so awkwardly and shortly after running lively it is just terrific that one sits down, starts to observe and is presented with such scenes from the nature. I hope the photos can show some of our admiration!

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