The story of the hoopoe in the middle of the roundabout

December 2006

The following story happened in December 2006. I was on the way to the Supermarket, when I discovered the hoopoe in the middle of a roundabout traffic island. And my camera was at home. I drove two rounds in the roundabout. The hoopoe ignored me completely and continued to strut calmly over the green in the middle of the village. Even when I stopped it wasn´t annoyed.

Well, I wasn´t that far from home! So I took off to get the camera with inside grumbling, because in front of me somebody drove extremely slowly. Afterwards I think that this driver did obey only the traffic regulations! Whatever, for me this was all much too slow, because after all I had never seen in free nature a hoopoe from so near. And now one struts in the middle of the roundabout! Hopefully he still was there when I eventually would come back with the camera.

He was still there as the following photos show!



Tcha, what am I doing here in the roundabout?

Best I take a bath first!

And this extensively!

Just gorgeous!

And again, because it´s so pleasant!

A fine peeling!

Immaculate clean!

Such a bath makes really hungry!

If nobody will see me, ...

... then I`ll pick for something to eat!

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