Well that is the life in a cattle egret colony!

These nice scenes we saw on August 7 2010 at a cattle egret breeding colony at La Janda..

Dad cattle egret loaded with food in his throat for his chicks::

"Well, now I first have to look where my youngsters are:"

"After all, here are about 500 nests and my offspring in fact cannot fly, but they are already climbing around between the branches. I shall go and look!""

"Daddy! Daddy! Here you are finally!!!"

The young cattle egret begs his father immediately for food and ....

... is not being disappointed:

But also the sibling did recognize that finally some food is served and ....

...demanding loudly its rights: :

But the dad takes off a little bit and ....

... first takes a little rest::

"When I am grown up I shall be an arial acrobat!", one of the youngsters is brawling and is climbing very courageously ... .

... behind its father::

And really, more food is served::

"I could go green with envy! Where are my own parents?" the neighbors chick is wondering::

And also these three are waiting in another nest for the return of their parents::

"When I am grown up, I shall build a much bigger nest for my chicks, because this one really is too small!"the young cattle egret is planning::

And so the cute small cattle egrets of all ages are waiting to be taken care from their parents:

We enjoyed these scenes so much! Just adorable how the cattle egrets manage to come along between all those branches without ever loosing balance!

Best regards

Birgit Kremer

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