Squacco Herons foraging

The now following images were all made on September 03 2011 at the Rio Grande (Andalusia), as a small group of Squacco Herons were resting there and were coming within a few meters to our "camouflage car". Even more, they allowed that I again and again could start the car to follow them for a few meters upriver..

It is early in the morning and

we were watching entranced, that one

... of the Squacco Herons already had caught a fish, bringing it

in the right position and

swallowing it very quickly:

With very watchful eyes and very cautious, slow motions

this other Squacco Heron is walking at the river bank and

repeatedly stops:

Nothing may betray his presence

to the fishes:

Aha, now he again discovered something and

now his terrific long neck is to be used, which he now makes as long as possible, while his feet remain perfectly still in the water:

"Soon I'll get it!"

But unfortunately this action was not successful and


the Squacco Heron continues to walk upriver:

Another one stays in ambush position at the edge of the riverbank

Another one has had it for the day and is cleaning its plumage until

also the last little feather is dry and placed in the right position:

"Well, was it funny and nice to watch us?"

It was just like a dream!!!

Best regards

Birgit Kremer

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