Red-rumped swallows in the realm of the thousand feathers
Mid June 2010

The red-rumped swallows raised their first breed and obviously the nest have to be renewed with new feathers. Of course I immediately put a heap of feathers out of an old cushion in the garden as I noticed how eagerly they were looking for every little feather. The proud parents now bring the offspring of the first breed and it is so cute to watch how the youngsters are landing in a safe distance and watching interested what Mum is doing there!

"Well, dear children, this is the heap of feathers which was presented to us in this biotope!":

"Watch out, dears! In this heap you are looking for the best of all feathers!"

"This one is soft and tender. Exactly the right one for the nest of your siblings!"

"And this one we also shall take! Come on, children, we fly to the nest and there I shall show you how to built in these feathers!"

How I got the idea to put feathers there for the swallows you can read here:

Red-rumped swallows collecting feathers at the beginning of May

It is a great joy how one can help birds with the most simple method!

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