Stripeless Tree Frog - fights for territory
February 23 2011

Since one week the Stripeless Tree Frogs are active again and every evening start their powerful-voiced concert.

The small green one tries to sneak around its brown rival to come to his territory:

But he followed him wrathfully and our small green one has no other choice but to accept the challenge for a fight:

Both greenbacks fill up with air to look extremely scary:

The light green frog wants to win as quickly as possible and …

… by hook or by crook to …

… conquer the brown rival:

But the brown one defends himself, and therefore it does not help trying to silence him up with a decisive grip against the laryngeal sac

And that's how quick luck can turn:

The brown one clearly comes off as the winner:

‚Bye, then I shall look for another territory!"

These figths one only can watch with a big grin, because never any frog was hurt.

Birgit Kremer

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