Biotope July 29 2010


Photo report from the homey biotope
July 29 2010

Hello dear reader!

And again a photo report

of the homey biotope with shots of the last days. Also when the bird photos are not really good ones I would like to show them, because these were so nice scenes!

Look at this family photo from Mr. Blackbird and his offspring:

Nice to look at the European serine taking the sunflower as a landing site to get close enough to the seeds of the high grasses:

Two young Cetti's warblers are appearing every morning in the tense thicket at the edge of the pond:

The presence of two jaybirds caused a stir between the many sparrows, who are living in the biotope. But they only stayed for one day and

the sparrow mothers now peacefully can feed their chicks:

The head feathers still a little bit disheveled, but proudly this wagtail presented herself:

The wren is most happy about the several water places in the garden:

Eurasian collared doves and turtledove don't talk at all with each other!

Eurasian collared doves are plenty in the biotope, but every day also this turtledove is appearing

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