Fun with feathers
May 28 2012

Dear reader!

As always in spring time I also put out every morning a small heap of feathers in the garden and really don't know who has more fun: the birds or me watching!

The Sparrows are enthralled picking up the feathers:

And after repeated over flying, during which they seem to call out to each other, if the coast is clear, also the Red-rumped Swallows are landing:

"Well, which one shall we take?"

"Here the feathers are blowing up in our faces!"

Of course, no wonder, because also the other Red-rumped Swallows are busy collecting:

A Bluetit looking for insects in the rose bushes for its offspring, also can use a flying by feather very well:

And also Mrs. Spotted Flycatcher, just arrived from Africa, aproaches the feather hill agan and again and

helps herself with this soft padding for the chicks:

Best regards

Birgit Kremer

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