Stripeless tree frog


Stripeless tree frog - female (Hyla meridionalis)
March 21 2010

Dear reader,

what are actually the female stripeless tree frogs doing, while

the males after sunset take over their territories in the pond, to attract with their powerful croaking the females, at the same time facing lots of rowing

about the territories and

are also confronted with the attacks of the water frogs?

Well, thanks to the new spotlight I now can tell part of the story about these mysterious and it seems invisible females. The females only come into the water for mating. Otherwise they stay, hidden in the high bushes and trees. And after the males already croaked with all their power, the high papyrus plants at the edge of the pond get full of life:

Watching these plants very carefully movements are to be discovered! Some female with curious eyes are sitting on the highest points of these plants, to

watch these tree frog males in the ponds. In difference to the males the females of course don't have laryngeal sacs. Throat, breast and belly are light white. At some of the females I also did not recognize the eye stripe:

Some males, who could not take over a place in the pond and also stayed in the papyrus plants, tried their luck

by creeping up to the lady of their heart, to



But the so courted tree frog lady (right above in the photo) watches this poor tree frog man with some mistrust. In her beautiful eyes he is a goof-off, who was incapable to conquer a piece of pond for her:

So she concentrates herself to the males croaking in the pond and slowly climbs down:

"Tee-hee they all look terrific! There I'll have the agony of choice!" the gracile female tree frog is giggling:

And then a jump into the water, where she coquettish remains for a while:

And with pointed swimming movements she heads toward the male selected by herself:

The male tree frog immediately stops croaking and embraces his beloved one from above. For hours mating goes on like that:

Unfortunately I was not able to continue to follow this love story, because it started to rain. But of course I shall continue to watch this terrific life in the pond!

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