Territoriality in the Iberian water frog (rana perezi)

As well in the water as on the edge of the pond I enjoy to watch the territoriality of the frogs. Again and again there are droll scenes to watch, which makes you laugh out loud. But for the frogs it's the seriousness of life. So please do not laugh too loud looking at the pictures! Mainly there are of course the males who like to quarrel with each other, but sometimes also the frog ladies have had it, when the offspring gets too nosy.

All "quarrel-pictures" are to be seen in the gallery and some here in connection with text.

"You dare to come into MY territory? I squeeze your eyes, Sunshine!:

"No! That easily you will not disappear!":

"Stop! Stay!":

"Could we reach an amicable settlement, Br´er frog?"

"No way! My right side kick is notorious hihi!":

And in the water it looks like this:

"I beg your pardon? You tiny tot dare to contradict me?":

" You pipsqueak I´ll teach you manners!":

But the pipsqueak boldly continuous to bother the master female frog and …..

…even tries to push her under water!

The female master frog has had enough and she helps him with a masterful right hook out of her food territory, because she wanted calmly to catch tadpoles.

July 2009

Birgit Kremer

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translation by Brit Haagna