Tree frog


The Mediterranian tree frog (Hyla meridionalis) small but mighty!

Dear reader!

Shortly after finishing the pond on one day we heard out of a bush a sound. It sounded somehow like bad-tempered. Like a substained "ÄÄÄP". As we went to look for the owner of this powerful and evenly voice he fell immediately silent. On the next day this call even came down from a tree. So this must be a tree frog. Well and a few days later we discovered the little green frog. But this tree frog hadn´t come all by himself, but brought about a dozen fellows along! And so you can hear every evening from Januar till July a tree frog concert of about 40 tree frogs in the biotope. Whoever has heard that once, knows, what that means!

All you want to say to your counterpart you do it better before the concert starts, because if once the chorus started you won´t understand your own words anymore!

Even for those who love frogs might this go too far! But really angry you cannot get with this little hooligans, when yes when they sleep nicely during daytime!

On this place a few photos and stories about the Mediterranian tree frogs in my biotope.



Please look at this choirboy of a frog. How blissfully he is taking his siesta!

And also this one sleeps the day away, hidden in the dense green of the plants at the edge of the pond:

These guys will become only just about 50 millimeter:

Finger- and toe tips are disc shaped widened, as

... it is to be seen here:

Shortly before sunset the Mediterranian tree frog wakes up and

still looking a little bit sleepy and grouchy:

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All pictures ©copyright by Birgit Kremer
webhammaster Sabine Börsch
translation by Brit Haagna