Abnormalities of the Iberian water frog (rana perezi)

Among so many frogs, which are living here in the home-biotope, hither and thither otherness happens, injuries or pigmentary abnormalities. These frogs I would like to show at this place. Of course I am not an expert and mostly do not know what it really is all about. But I watched that all these frogs were successful in making prey and can manage their lives very well.

This squint-eyed female frog we named Lilofee!:

And this frog with the open wound, I was able to watch over several weeks:

Not even such a big furuncle detained the frog to be very successful in making prey:

And also this female frog had made it - despite an eye problem - to a considerable size:

It looks like this female frog is blind in one eye:

This guy's right front leg is missing. Although an excellent swimmer!

Well, and who is that? A blue Iberian waterfrog beside his green colleagues:

The pigmentary abnormality inherited like albinism.

In these pictures the blue beauty, which is after one year still living in the same mini-biotope, as I recognized happily, is molting!

July 2009

Birgit Kremer

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