Biotop 8.7.2010


Photo report from the homey biotope
July 8 2010

Dear reader!

Today again a little photo report from the homey biotope:

In spring I planted a large sun flower field for the European goldfinches just behind the pond and

consequently who saws also reaps! Several chirruping European goldfinch families

populate with their offspring this sun flower field:

What a joy to watch their doings!

And whom do we have there between the sun flowers? A melodious warbler who is looking for insects and spiders between the plants:

The young sparrows are meanwhile happy about their cherries:

"Daddy, daddy, look! There are very strange creatures in the grass!" The little sparrow girl hardly can get to herself in excitement. But she is not frightened and neither are the frogs!

"This is my home! All a bit strange, but not too bad!" the young blackbird is happy:

The same also Mr. Monarch butterfly is feeling, who only lands on the largest milkweed. Clever, because further down

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