In its element


The Iberian water frog (rana perezi) in its element

The Iberian water frog stays mainly in his element, the water, preferably on the water or he also likes to sit for catching flies on the edge of the pond, some frogs even move a little bit further away. I have also met them in the vegetable patch, so as a precaution I put there a bowl with water!

Here comes now a little selection of swimming frogs. More pictures are to be seen - if you like - in the gallery!

"I just let myself drift!":

"Hopefully I can keep this territory!":

Practice early, you who want to become a master!

Lurking frog!

"Attention, I am coming!":

July 2009


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All pictures ©copyright by Birgit Kremer
webhammaster Sabine Börsch
translation by Brit Haagna