Iberian Water Frogs Pelophylax perezi
April 11 2011

It could be so nice for the gentlemen Green Frogs, if, well, if there wouldn't be these perky amorous Frog couples which intrude into the territories to spawn!

"I shall bring this silly sweet nothings to an end immediately!"

"Out of the way!"

"Well, now I got you and you immediately will disappear from my territory!" - But the happy bridegroom protests heavily croaking:

"Spend your honeymoon where ever you want, but not here!":

" Are you actually deaf"!

I tell you in a roundabout way, I do

not want to see you around here one more second!"

But the audacious bridegroom uses a skilled left foot-hook, because his lovely bride is intending to spawn right here:

The certified territory owner could burst with anger and turns

its fury on a tiny little frog which only curiously was watching the fight:

But immediately he bethinks himself on the invader and furiously attacks:

But another left foot-hook of the bridegroom let our foaming owner of the territory sail through the air!"

With that much courage of the honeymooners we can be sure, that out of their eggs are growing brave frogs like these daring parents!

Best regards

Birgit Kremer

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