Frogs theatre
February 26 2010


Frogs theatre

February 26 2010

"Tee-hee, what do my enthralled frog eyes see in the dogs food bowl? An ant!"

"For my part I only see how beautiful I am!"

"Ghee such a conceited chap!":

The water frog ladies whisper among themselves who might be the most beautiful male among the water frogs:

But the cozy silence of the water frogs didn't last long, because as it became dark to their biggest anger the pond was filled with tree frogs.

And they start from …

… all corners to make a din:

Here the visible sound waves of their over charming *tee-hee* voices:

And it didn't take long and …

…the fierce strives for …

… the territories begins:

"Stop! There I spotted such a brazen chap in my territory. Speedy the little frog is rushing in the direction …

… of his opponent, to make clear who is the boss here!

"Well, than I occupy the territory of the water frog!" he thinks:

"Give this light green guy a clip round the ear!"

"Haha, I don´t wear only points on my back I also outpoint!"

But the light green one is not a quitter and …

…chases the one with the points keenly forceful away:

"Now get lost once and for ever, you pointed pygmy! This is my territory!"

Till next time in this frogs theatre, laughing regards

Birgit Kremer

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