May arrived
May 03 2011

Here a few photos from the homey biotope in these first days of May:

Hidden between plants I discovered this Monarch Butterfly grub, which was just starting …

… to change to a beautiful pale green cocoon. Wonder of nature! (Between the two photos were three hours distance)

The other Monarch Cocoon I am already watching since a few wees. It already starts to change color and hopefully I'll be able to make photos of the hatch of a butterfly:

I had no idea, that the Hoopoes by …

…calling are bending down their head. But this one here showed me that in the early morning:

The Green Frogs in the meantime enjoy the cat food, which soon …

… had to be shared with the Sparrows:

They know each other well and even more, seem to be good friends. At least the Green Frogs even don't get shocked, when the sparrows fly off:

But if the Colored Doves fly off as if they had seen a ghost and even the sparrows are quiet it is a certain sign, that the Booted Eagle is visiting the biotope:

And yesterday I was so lucky to discover this flock of about 30 Honey Buzzards:

The Bird migration took -thanks to the strong west winds - place directly above the biotope!

Best regards

Birgit Kremer

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