A cheeky Sparrow child
July 24 2011

"Hello you there!!! I cannot find neither my nest nor my parents! Could you please help me?"

Sure! First cats and dogs were locked in, that our little Sparrow child - which obviously spent its first day outside of the nest - could head in peace for the feeding place. Clever chick, because the oat flakes trickled with sun flower oil were quickly found!

And the young Sparrow enthralled

stuffed itself:

But again and again tiredness overpowered him:

"Who is that glutton down there???" The Sparrow child curiously eyeballs

this stressed Blackbird father, who even was not able to fit one more raisin for its offspring into his beak :

Eventually the Sparrow parent found its little runaway and the family returned to the dense bush, where probably the little spunky tot was born.

Best regards

Birgit Kremer

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