A morning in the homey biotope - Oriole, Honey buzzards and Green Frogs
June 01 2012

Dear reader!

On Sunday I didn't only hear the beautiful calls of the Oriole, no, I was finally lucky enough to see this secret guy

The Red-rumped Swallow still is collecting very enthralled the feathers:

Again and again I looked at the sky and suddenly I discovered, coming from the south, three Honey Buzzards:

And as fast as they showed up

they disappeared in the direction to the north:

And as usual funny happenings at the pond:

"With this measly fly in front of my nose I would not bother about!"

"Rather I'll spend my time clearing my neighbor out, that

she isn't snapping away the fattest flies!"

Together with a fly this

female frog caught a wilted flower and .

only can get rid of it with the help of her fingers:

And these two Frog-ladies came in the water into conflict about territorry. A very serious problem, about which I cannot help but yell with laughter!

Best regards

Birgit Kremer

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