Hoopoos in the garden
April 07 2013

Dear reader

Since days I am watching a Hoopoo couple in my garden foraging. Always in pouring rain. But today….

… the couple enjoyed ---

… the warming sun beams in the …

… naked branches of the avocado tree:

The male tried again and again …

… to attract the attention of Miss Hoopoo:

"Answer my craves! I am in love with you even above my crest!":

Gracious Miss Hoopoo allowed the male to part this branch with her:

And soon the couple in love billed unrestrained and …

… tickled each other with their long beaks:

And as the male also showed his diligent flying skills, Miss Hoopoo followed him instantly!

Hopefully both will visit me soon together with their family!

Best regards

Birgit Kremer

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