Living together
tree- and water frogs


The living together of tree- and water frogs

Also the water frogs are now wide awake after their half hibernation!

The water slowly is becoming warmer and so the guys get their beautiful colors back:

Well, woe, if during the night a moth gets lost in the pond:

"I also would like to have such a moth!":

"My stomach is rumbling!":

The water frogs are again lying in waiting day and night:

This one here shares peacefully a lily pad with a tree frog:

But it is not always that peaceful:

This perky little tree frog is starting quite a daring attack against the much bigger water frog:

"What do you half portion want from me???"

Mad with anger this water frog jumps on the tree frog:

To clarify the situation he is kicking another well trained attack against him:

"Tee-hee, then I shall beat the next water frogs ears deaf!" A tree frog does not give up easily!:

But who don't want to listen must find out the hard way:

"One thing I have to leave to the colleague tree frog, he really got a terrific laryngeal sac!":

And the little tree frog sedulously continues calling for the lady of his heart:

As then already three tree frogs invade the water frog territory, Mr. Water frog has had enough and he drove off the battling trio with one of his phenomenal left hook with the foot:

February 24 2010

Birgit Kremer

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