Guadalhorce-mouth near Málaga
November 12 2009

Dear reader!

Last Sunday at the Guadalhorce-mouth a great bustard (Otis tarda) had been seen! Unbelievable, because these big birds are otherwise only to be seen in the Extremadura. I hardly nourished hope to see the great bustard, but I went on the way to Málaga. On site birder friends told me, that the great bustard was caught a few kilometers westwards, because it was totally exhausted and devitalized. Now it's in good care, will be well fed and then released to freedom again on a suitable place.

Also without seeing a great bastard it was again a wonderful day with beautiful weather at Guadalhorce:

Directly at the river Mr. Little egret came flying in my direction and

performed a perfect landing:

In a hurry he went

up the river looking for

a suitable place for a second breakfast:

A little nap wouldn´t also be too bad, but

his stomach was growling and Mr. Little egret

caught excitedly one little fish after the other:

And I went on the way to the observation house, where

already the nicely welcome of Mr. Stonechat was waiting for me:

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