Lagoon of Fuente de Piedra
June 11 2010

Dear reader!

On Friday we had been in Fuente de Piedra and on the way of course we made a stop at Guadalhorce to look at this cute duck family:

Goldfinch and sparrow quenching their thirst at the river, there was only little water in:

Also at the fresh water lagoon of Campillos we stopped. There is still lots of water in to the joy of Mrs. Coot who wants to raise her chicks there:

Also several gull-billed terns we met there and

altogether we discovered eight great crested grebes. Will we ever be that lucky to see the "taxi-ride" of the chicks on the back of their mother?

Swallows and sailors on the sky of Fuente de Piedra:

And everywhere the impatient cute barn swallows were sitting and

... waiting for their parents to feed them:

Last year at the same time the stilts and

pied avocats already since long had their offspring. This time we unfortunately couldn't discover a single chick:

Also the snowy plovers were less in number than last year.

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