Little Stints at the Salines of Bonanza
October 04 2011

Dear reader!

Little Stints just have a size of 12-14 cm, they are breeding in the Tundra and we can admire them during their autumn migration here in Southern Spain. This all you can read in a book about birds. What is not written in my book, how extremely bad tempered they can get, when a rival is showing up at their chosen feeding place, I was able to watch the "Clash of the Titans". I guess those were two young birds.

"What a glamour boy I am! I made the long flight from northern Europe up to southern Spain and now I'll recharge my energy reserves!"

But a conspecific dared to land at the same shore and immediately was heavily attacked.It even didn't know what happened and

hardly can defend himself against the furious attacks:

Anything counts, if kicks or

fierce picking feathers:

And if nothing helps, one lands on the back of the opponent:

The threatening gestures are too much for the intruder and he just looks how to get out of the way:

What remains is the rightful owner of the shore:" Well I am not only beautiful, but also very courageous, clever and brave!"

And our proud Little Stint finally can enjoy picking.As soon as a conspecies was to be seen in the air he immediately flew up to chase the opponent away and nobody dared to land near him any more.

Best regards

Birgit Kremer

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