Salines at Bonanza
October 30 2010

Dear reader!

Last long weekend we went once again to the Salines at Bonanza:

The first fall storm chased a dense cloud cover on the sky, that's why light for this nice gray plover was missing, but we anyhow gazed in amazement at him through the binoculars. One feather was perfect like the other and assembled to a wonderful pattern.

It is difficult to guess how many dunlins were there in the basins of the salines and in the surrounding marsh areas.

It must have been thousands!

Also huge flocks of redshanks and pied avocets we met:

"Please do not forget us!" the small common ringed plovers and snowy plovers notified, which also were there in huge flocks. Most of them had digged themselves into the sand, to protect themselves from the storm which blew around our ears:

Who is coming there - only a few meters away from the camo tent car - out of the bushes?

A male Eurasian marsh harrier, which was hunting, invisible for us, in the water ditch and wasn't distracted at all because by our presence in the car:

Despite the sulky weather we were enthralled of this wonderful coloring of the plumage of this male bird. Never we had seen one from so close and we felt that this raptor is looking in reality even much more beautiful as pictured in the books about birds:

Here again the Eurasian marsh harrier appears out of the channel, but again without prey. It was just a terrific experience to be able to watch that bird hunting from so near!

Soon it will be continued with the report from Chipiona!

Till then best regards

Birgit Kremer

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