Guadalhorce-mouth near Málaga
June 28 2010

Dear reader!

It's the early bird, that catches the worm! A night heron horrified took flight as he yesterday experienced our appearance very early in the morning. We even hadn't discovered him from the way. A young night heron also flew off.

The breeding success of the white-headed ducks must have been very good, because also yesterday we again discovered a family with still very small chicks:

"Look, we have grown to little ladies in the meantime!", the gadwall ducks proudly announce:

The young ladies happily welcomed us:

By that the common pochards didn't want to stay behind and also waved to us:

Mrs. Grey goose, who is since a few days at the Guadalhorce, proudly showed, that she is very clean after an extensive bath and an intensive feather cleaning:

The first young stilts already happily take their rounds. Alone or ...

... accompanied by their Daddy, in any case ...

... still well protected in the air:

Birgit Kremer

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