Guadalhorce-mouth near Málaga
July 5 2010

Dear reader!

Yesterday again we spent a lovely morning at the Guadalhorce mouth. The keeper of the Junta de Andalucía told us, that they have counted a total of 12 white-headed duck couples with offspring. The offspring is at about 100 little white headed ducks. Fantastic!

With this terrific beak the shoveler duck sieves the water for plankton, water fleas, larvae, worms, tadpoles or spawn:

Again and again we had a brief look to the lively red warblers. It seems like a miracle and touches, that these small birds will leave us in Autumn to migrate to their winter habitat in Africa.

For quite a while the little bittern posed on the other side of the lagoon. For quite some time she intensively cared about her plumage and stretched her neck serpentinous, like her big relative the purple heron, while doing this:

Finally clean she flew away croaking to land a little bit further and disappear directly into the reeds. We were very lucky to be able to watch this beautiful bird such a longer while and were very happy about.

Well and who is that? A kingfisher! Maybe next time he might pose a little bit more suitable? Well, we were very happy to have seen one at all!

Growing up quickly!

Just a joy to admire the elegant coloring of the stilts plumage!

The parents still watch their offspring with "eagle-eyes" and don't mind any kind of air attack. Also ...

... Mr. Hoopoe horrified took flight:

"Ghee it seems that I am not welcome here!"

Nervously dancing the young grey heron fought against the air attacks (unfortunately the stilt is not to be seen on the photo) and a few moments later prefers to start to fly to find a more peaceful place.

Best regards

Birgit Kremer

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