Guadaiza - San Pedro de Alcántara
December 2009

Dear reader!

today I would like to introduce to you a small biotope and of course also its inhabitants ...

... in the mountains, which is located only a few kilometers away from my home:

A creek jumping joyful over the stones - like the Guadaiza - cannot be taken as such for granted in the South of Spain.

Because look, how little water is in the reservoir ...

... of Guadaiza towards the end of autumn:

The Guadaiza creek is full of fishes and that´s the reason why nearly every time when I visit this place I see some kingfishers. But not even once I was able to make a photo. Again and again they just rushed by and into the dense bushes, which makes the creek at some places hardly visible

I really like to drive to the Guadaiza. Just now in the winter months there are many wintering songbirds to be seen. Of course always very shy, but out of the car it is sometimes possible to make a few photos, as this gray wagtail in its element:

And the wagtails are happy about the many ants:

Mr. Robin is considering if he should take an extensive bath:

For the serin the water is definitely too cold:

You can´t imagine, how often I tried to make a photo of a Cetti's warbler. Everywhere their characteristic call is to be heard, but always out of dense bushes. At one time this one appeared at a water place:

Nearly daily this hoopoe is to be seen around noon at the same place, namely at the golf course which adjoins the area::

The tortoises love to take a sunbath on the rock in the creek. This what also an infant tortoise learnt:

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