Squacco Heron in its wedding dress - channel at Trebujena

May 09 2012

Der reader!

On the journey I especially enjoyed this Squacco Heron

in it's nice wedding dress, which includes the blue base of its beak:

The car once more was a terrific camouflage tent, because instead

to flee he even

came closer in my direction:

With slow and very careful steps

he reached the water:

"If this is a good place for catching prey?"

A passing by group of bikers, who were talking loudly, disturbed unfortunately the idyll. Immediately the Squacco Heron flew away. The people couldn't have any idea, how long it took for the Heron to approach carefully peeking the place for catching prey:

In September 2011 I had the chance to photograph Squacco Herons from quite close, so that it is very well possible to compare the summer - and winter plumage.: Rallenreiher im Winterkleid

Best regards

Birgit Kremer

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